How It Works

Our goal is to place in the hearts, minds and souls of people everywhere the idea that poverty housing is unacceptable. Prayer provides an opportunity to keep faith at the center of a call to service and justice.

Here’s how it works.

For pastors:

If you are a pastor or leader of a congregation, invite your gathering to participate in a prayer service (either by hosting or joining with another congregation) on October 6, 2013 or any other day in October, if that day doesn’t work for your congregation. Check out our Resources for sermons, lessons, prayers, and bulletin inserts ready to customize for your congregation.

For individuals:

If you’re an individual who’s passionate about eliminating poverty housing from the face of the earth, help spread the word. Talk with your congregation, friends, or family about holding a prayer service during the month of October. Share The International Day of Prayer and World Habitat Day in Texas with your friends on Facebook. Encourage your faith leaders and elected officials to participate by using our Resource page.

Then on Sunday, October 6, let’s come together in our respective congregations, regardless of religion, doctrines, or traditions to lift up poverty housing to the One who can use us to make a difference.

For everyone:

On Monday, October 7th, we are asking everyone to stop for a moment and pray that we can unite to solve this issue. Register here and post your prayer on our Facebook site. Join with your faith community across the world!

We know everyone has their own traditions surrounding prayer and we welcome diversity. Feel free to customize our sample resources to best fit your congregation. We don’t all need to use the same words, our concern for the poor will unite us as one body.