Elected Officials

On World Habitat Day 10.7.2013 Habitat Texas is asking elected officials to:

  • Issue a proclamation in support of affordable housing
  • Join with Habitat Texas on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about affordable housing

We need your help to engage your elected officials as the state and local level. Follow the steps below to lend your support.

Step 1: Identify Your Elected Officials

Send out an SOS to your membership to see if any of your members have a relationship with any local elected officials.  Click here to find who represents you in the Texas Legislature. You can also contact your statewide elected officials, specifically the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, by clicking here.

Step 2: Contact Your Elected Officials

Next use the following customizable letter that can be sent to local elected officials.

Elected Officials boiler plate letter

The elected official can use the following to issue a proclamation or resolution in support of World Habitat Day.

Sample Proclamation or Resolution

You can also email your elected officials, follow them on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and ask them to follow our pages (links at the top right of this page).

Step 3: Send the Response to Habitat Texas

Once you have a proclamation, send it to us by email at info@habitattexas.org so we can publicize it.