Faith Leaders

We need your help to spread the word.

Step 1: Identify Faith Partners in Your Community

Send out an SOS to your affiliate or organizations’ membership to determine if your membership already has pre-existing relationships with local faith communities.  Even if your organization doesn’t have ties to a particular faith community, don’t be afraid reach out. One of the reasons that the message of affordable housing is so powerful is because it is a message that unites people of different faiths.

Step 2: Contact Faith Partners

Below find a boiler plate, customizable letter that can be sent out to local faith communities (with and without comment bubbles to help customize letters).

Customizable Letter to send to YOUR local faith leaders

While these letters are a great first step, it is important to actually sit down and meet with faith leaders to talk about affordable housing, why it matters, and how to involve faith communities.  Below find talking points and suggestions for starting conversations with faith communities of all denominations, as well a Habitat Texas fact sheet.

» Habitat Texas Fact Sheet; Homeless Children Fact Sheet

Step 3: Send Faith Partners Link to Downloads and Resources page:

Habitat Texas has put together a set of materials for use by all religious denominations.  Please direct your faith partners to our “WHD Resources” tab and download the materials, as well as register to join with other faith partners across Texas: