Habitat Affiliates

There are resources available for your affiliate or your ReStore under the Resources and Downloads tab. Here are some other ideas.


Step 1:  Host an Event

If you are a Habitat affiliate, your Habitat event could be as simple as a ground breaking or house dedication ceremony.  If you are a Habitat student campus chapter, you could pick a student favorite and create a cardboard shanty town display on your campus.

To view a full list of event suggestions courtesy of our friends at the New York State Habitat Click here.

You can pick any date for your event that works best for your organization but keep in mind the following:

World Habitat Day  is 10.07.2013  The weekend prior to World Habitat Day is being dedicated to asking faith communities to incorporate prayer and faith into the affordable housing discussion.

Step 2:  Contact your local media

Be sure to let your local newspaper, radio stations or television know about the event. Send a media advisory seven to 10 days before the event. Media advisories are short and answer the Who? What? When? Where? questions. A few days before the event, call the media and ask if they can send someone. On the day of the event, have press releases ready to distribute to reporters.

You can also send letters to the editor, highlighting the need in your community and what your affiliate is doing. You can use some of the statistics on the homepage to really give umph! to your letter.

Step 3:  Contact local churches

Refer clergy members and faith leaders to this site to download resources for their congregation. Ask them to set aside a “Minute for Missions” on October 6 (or any day that works in their schedule), and let them know about your affiliate and the need for safe, decent affordable housing. Always have a “Call to Action” that lets people know how they can follow up. Ask them to register on here.

Step 4: Contact your elected officials

Ask your city council, county commissioners court, and state representative and senator to support a resolution recognizing World Habitat Day and your efforts. Here is a letter you can customize and here is a sample resolution.

Step 5: Register Your Event

Why Register? Registering your event will allow your affiliate or organization to coordinate with campaign events across the state. Habitat Texas will advertise your event, too.

How Do I Register?

To register your event click here.

Step 6: Report Back Your Success

Why Report Back? Let us know what you did, who responded and how. Reporting back is crucial to the campaign because:

  • It will allow Habitat Texas to give affiliates a “Big Picture” of the impact of affiliate led events statewide.
  • It will help make future Habitat events and campaigns more successful as we learn together as a community what works for our organization.


How Do I Report Back?

To report back, email us at info@habitattexas.org.