Tommy Prince

Tommy Prince

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Tommy Prince joined Habitat for Humanity International in July 2007.  He currently He lives in Alpharetta, GA. He is responsible for the development and coordination of learning opportunities for affiliates and HFHI staff, the facilitation of learning experiences, and supporting the training efforts of 30 SSOs.

Before joining HFHI, Tommy was extensively involved with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a practitioner of mediation, facilitation, and mentoring/coaching and as a trainer in mediation, conflict resolution and facilitation. He is the founder and President of The Atlanta Center for Reconciliation Inc.Tommy completed his Th.D. in Pastoral Counseling from Emory University.

Areas of work

1. Leadership development with U.S. affiliate leaders through the New Affiliate Leader Orientation (NALO) and the new Executive Directors’ mentoring program.

2. Planning and coordinating professional development classes offered for HFHI staff; usually 5-8 classes offered every 6 months on a rotating basis.

3. Consulting with other HFHI departments and programs in the areas of team building and facilitating meetings for other HFHI departments and programs.